Remix Culture

History of Cinema Lecture Animation

Myself/My Students

Art/Illustration & Animation:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

These animated illustrations were created for a lecture on Remix Theory for my American Cinema History class. Remix Theory provides the critical framework for the viewing and critiquing of films in the class, so I wanted to create dynamic visuals to support the concepts.  


My goals were to make aesthetic choices that would not quickly look dated, as the animations needed to be used for several years. I also wanted a fun, quirky approach to the concepts that was almost entirely visual. Another challenge was timing the animation to my spoken lecture (which would be live and thus variable). 


I chose to employ an illustration style inspired by textbook illustrations of the late 1950s and a saturated color palette. Typography choices also derived inspiration from the same sources. Animation took several passes to get the timing slow enough to work with the spoken component of the lecture, but not so slow as to look awkward and distracting. I also broke up the sequence by creating natural transition points where the animation could be paused and restarted.