The Vanguard Voice

Student Newspaper Website

Vanguard University

Design & Coding:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

Vanguard University is a private 4-year college that needed to transition their student newspaper into the online space. They needed a solid, timeless design and a CMS that would allow non-tech savvy student students to easily update the content. The project involved a front-end design and build using the WordPress CMS and heavy alteration of the WordPress admin to enable custom updating of the site and full control over placement of content without requiring the user to code.

The project also involved a redesign of the newspaper’s logo, which was done in collaboration with the student editors. The new design deconstructed the university’s seal and used the essential elements to create a classic newspaper look that also paid homage to the mission and values of the institution. A traditional logo format and a nameplate format were designed for use in print and web.