Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game


Children’s Camps International

Art Direction & Project Management:
Naomi Kasa

Game Art:
Matthew Carver, Kayla Fehr, Moses Rietze, Brandon Lyon

Project Description

ZuCamp is a MMORPG for tweens based on the summer camp experience. The game concept and infrastructure is modeled after Club Penguin, so the client needed a distinct aesthetic for all elements. Project involved UI design, avatar design, environment design, and game element design, as well as gameplay strategy.

This was a challenging undertaking, with a small team and limited budget. The art team worked remotely, so I had to deal with three time zones and the challenges of leading a team without face-to-face interaction. This involved creating extensively detailed documentation, using a SCRUM methodology, and engaging artists daily through videoconference, email, and chat. I also created the game style guide and worked on the concept stage for every minigame; ensured continuity; coordinated between technology/programming needs and art requirements; and designed all prelaunch and launch website layouts and materials.