Comm Lab & Studio

Interior Design and Installation

Vanguard University

Interior & Space Design:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

This interior and space design project involved designing a Communication Lab and Studio space from the ground up. I managed the entire project: created the floorplans, ensured ADA compliance, performed quality control checks, specified and/or built the furniture, and created all the wall art, painted murals, and installed the technology and computers.

I supervised a variety of subcontractors, from the construction crew, glass installers, paint/drywall contractor, carpenters, and the team that installed the fiberglass cyclorama stage.

The finished spaces serve the Communication Department. The Lab is a hybrid computer lab, collaborative workspace and study space for students. The Studios consists of three high-spec edit bays, one audio recording booth and control bay, and a cyclorama insert stage.