IFD Studio

Interior and Space Design/Installation

Vanguard University

Interior & Space Design:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

This interior and space design project involved converting an executive office in an older administrative building to function as a multi-use space for the Institute of Faculty Development. The room was a large rectangle with built in bookshelves along one wall and a wall of windows. The goal was to create a space for faculty learning and collaboration, storage for technology and learning materials, and to include technology for content creation.

I zoned the room into three distinct zones: a flexible collaboration space, a quiet conversation nook and a media capture bay. I worked with external contractors to modify the room, adding a pony wall and casework to divide the room and additional electrical. The bookshelves were modernized by adding a sliding track for full-length writable and magnetic surfaces, so they still function as storage but also allow that wall to function for breakout and brainstorming sessions. Furniture was modified (yes, I have power tools!) to be mobile or stackable, which means the room can be reconfigured for different group sizes and uses. Furniture was also chosen for accessibility, using varying heights and seating options.

A large flat screen TV was added for presentation purposes. A modified university color palette that emphasizes calm and creativity was used for the furnishings and for the custom wall murals, which I designed and painted.

Finally, I installed and configured one button studio setup for lecture capture and content creation, including sound remediation and blackout curtains for the windows. Since that time, a mobile podcasting cart has been added, so the same content creation zone functions for video capture and audio recording.