Learner Agency Handout & Presentation

Keynote and Ilustrator Project

Personal Project

Design & Illustration:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

This project consists of a print handout and digital slides for a presentation on learner agency. I gave this presentation with a colleague at the 2017 Lilly Conference for Teaching and Learning. This was a rare opportunity for me to create something that could be of the moment and did not have specific needs other than clear information design.


That year I had been working with students on a Memphis inspired aesthetic for an annual event, and had thus been inundated with Memphis design inspiration. The final product borrows from the geometric shapes and halftone shading often seen in Memphis design. However, the typically bright color palette was replaced with a muted gray and rose, as I felt this would play better to the audience of professors and educators.

The presentation slides are intentionally visual, as both my colleague and I adhere to the idea that learning is best supported by minimal text and visual reinforcements. I created original illustrations for some of the concepts discussed and used images of experts to accompany audio clips. The handout is intended as a worksheet, so it needed to provide a visual of the types of agency, while also providing prompts and space for the user to think through their own course assignments and how learner agency could be incorporated.