Rewrite Anxiety

Campaign Branding, Website, Booklet, Motion Graphics and Posters

Personal Project/Spec

Design, Craft Techniques, Animation & Coding:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

This was a spec project for a workshop challenge that was conceived, designed and executed in a short design sprint. The challenge was to take a topic of choice and develop a solution that involved graphic design materials. I chose the topic of adolescent/young adult anxiety disorderAs a professor at a university that emphasizes faculty/student mentorship, I have seen first-hand the rise of anxiety and its potentially devastating effects on my students.

For the project, I created various materials (posters, booklet, website, motion graphics) for a hypothetical mental health awareness organization called RewriteAnxiety. Unlike similar organizations, RewriteAnxiety is focused exclusively on anxiety disorders among adolescents/young adults. RewriteAnxiety has three goals: raise awareness, educate the community, engage young people.

I devised a strategy for the organization to help achieve these goals. First, RewriteAnxiety creates workshops for youth and young adults on anxiety disorders and treatment options. Funding would come from partnerships with organization such as NAMI and major universities. Workshops are run at high schools, universities and corporations. Out of the workshops come authentic therapeutic art that (with permission) can be used to engage the public via exhibitions and marketing materials. Exhibitions can also be used to fundraise for continued programming. And finally, RewriteAnxiety will also run an Ambassadors program, which will enable young people to be activists in their own communities, local and virtual.