Thinking While Female

Slide Deck and Handout

Personal Project

Design & Illustration:
Naomi Kasa

Project Description

This project consists of a print handout and digital slides for a presentation on organizational/structural barriers to women in leadership. I gave this presentation at the 2019 Advancing Women in Leadership Conference. I enjoy conference presentation design as it affords an opportunity to do a unique one-off design that enhances the presentation topic.


The design is intentionally feminine, contrasted with the bold color accent and strong masculine typeface. Since the presentation topic is about subversive ways to address gender bias in the workplace, I wanted the visual aesthetic to also be subversive.

The presentation wrapped up with a giveaway of small bags of lego blocks with a handout that prompts the user to pick a particular challenge they face in the workplace, build the representative wall, and start consider which bricks can be removed or broken down. Recipients were encouraged to keep the block wall in a visible place as a prompt to continued problem-solving.